What is Butt plugs and how to use it for Anal Play

Butt plugs have been used for centuries in sexual play. Some believe that they were first developed as part of medical treatments for women with urinary incontinence, while others believe they are an extension of the sex toy industry. The truth is that we don’t know exactly where they came from, but they are now a staple of kink and fetish play

Butt plugs are made of soft, flexible material. They are designed to fit snugly into the anal canal and to provide a comfortable, easy-to-use form of stimulation. The most common materials used to make butt plugs are silicone, jelly, rubber, and even glass. Butt plugs are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.

Where can I buy Butt plugs, and which one is right for me?

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Want to hear a secret about glass sex toys? They’re great for temperature play, meaning you can warm them up or cool them down without damaging the material. During the summer, pop this floral plug in the freezer and then into your butt. In the winter, try submerging it in a bowl of warm water for a few moments before playtime. Beware: This may look dainty, but it has a four-inch circumference. Start with a smaller silicone plug before working your way up to such flower power.

What are Butt plugs?

If you want to try anal sex, a butt plug is a great way to get started. It’s the easiest way to introduce something new into your sex life. You don’t have to worry about anything getting stuck in your ass or causing an infection because it’s sterile. Also, it makes things more comfortable for both you and your partner.

Butt plugs are not only used for anal sex prep but also for solo play, explains Schmit. “If you are having a partner, you can insert a butt plug into your anus and have them penetrate you while you are still wearing it. If you are using a butt plug to play alone, you can wear it for an hour or so. It is a great way to take care of yourself and get off,” she says.

The anal cavity can act like a vacuum and suck objects inside. This means that the object you put in your ass can get sucked inside you and get stuck. This can happen if the object is too large or too small. It can also happen if you are not relaxed enough when putting the object in your ass.

Why People Like It

The anus is a very sensitive area of the body. It’s made up of many different nerve endings.

You can find anal plugs for women and men. They come in many sizes, shapes, and colors. Some of them are made of metal, some plastic, some silicone, and some rubber. They are also available in a wide variety of designs, including realistic-looking dildos and butt plugs. If you have a favorite type of toy, then you can use it as a guide when you are designing your own butt plug.

Butt plugs are usually made of rubber or silicone, but can also be made of other materials like glass, wood, metal, and even wax. There are many different types of butt plugs, including anal plugs, anal beads, anal dildos, and anal vibrators.

How to Try Butt Plugs Safely

Staying In and Staying Out

When attempting anal toys, constantly use something with a flared base. Your anus can suck matters in and a flared base prevents that. A huge ring or pull twine is likewise proper for safety.


Since the anus now no longer self-lubricates just like the vagina, constantly use masses of lubrication. The anus and rectum are delicate. Lubrication enables to save you tears and soreness, and it generally makes anal play sense greater pleasurable. If you operate a silicone toy, use a water-primarily based totally lube. Silicone lube could make silicone toys degrade faster.

Body Safe Materials

Sex toys crafted from porous substances won’t be frame safe. The intercourse toy enterprise isn’t always regulated, regardless of the truth that those gadgets pass internal your frame. Any toy this is crafted from plastic or acrylic may also leech dangerous chemical compounds into your anus. Additionally, those substances are porous. They cannot be completely sanitized and microorganisms may also develop on them. The most secure substances for butt plugs are silicone, Pyrex glass, and stainless steel. These substances are nonporous they may be sanitized and disinfected among uses.

How to Play With a Butt Plug

Start sluggish. Anal play is regularly greater fun while you are relaxed. If you’re tense, an anal tear may also occur. Pay interest to how you’re feeling. If something hurts lots or would not sense right, sluggish down or stop. Start with something smaller than the butt plug. A finger is mostly a notable device for hot up. If you do not need to unfold micro organism from the anus to different components of the frame, otherwise you need to preserve your palms clean, put on a disposable latex or nitrile glove. Put lube for your finger and rub the rim of the anus lightly earlier than putting your finger. Once you healthy a finger or in there comfortably, pass directly to putting the butt plug. Experiment with specific positions for butt plug insertion to discover which one is first-rate for you. Each man or woman is specific and could discover specific positions maximum snug primarily based totally on their unique anatomy. Some human beings use numbing lotions to keep away from soreness in the course of anal play. However, this may save you from feeling whilst your frame needs you to stop. For your safety, keep away from the usage of numbing cream whilst the usage of a butt plug.

Wash Your Hands

Even in case, your anus is clean, it is able to nevertheless harbor microorganisms that could purpose infections withinside the vagina. After you contact the anus, ensure to scrub your palms earlier than touching different genitals. Wash with heated water and cleaning soap to save you UTIs and yeast infections.

Care and Cleaning

Most silicone toys can move withinside the dishwasher so long as they do not have a motor in them. This kills bacteria. Boiling glass, silicone, and chrome steel toys will even disinfect them. Make positive to try this earlier than sharing a toy with a partner. Even in case you most effective use the toy on yourself, disinfect it periodically to live easy and healthy.

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