Clitoral stimulators

Clit toys are designed for sexual arousal. If you have a low libido or vaginal dryness, a clit vibrator is the best tiny vibrating toy to spice up the sex life. Clitoral stimulators are not just for women alone, couples enjoy using them together during foreplay. Our clit massagers for sale range from subtle for a gentle tease, to ultra powerful for a thrilling orgasm.

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    Adult Sex Toys with 8 Sucking & 5 Licking VibrationsToys for Womens Sex Pleasure, G-spot Nipples Vagina Clitoral Stimulator


    Double Stimulation 2 IN 1 Vibrators – The clit sucker has 8 different sucking patterns and 5 tongue licking vibrators modes, the tongue vibrator encircling your clit and targeting it for intense stimulation, and tongue with gentle to wild movements and a palpable sense of touch is a wonderful organ that can provide orgasms you…

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    C-string vibrating panty Vibrating panty


    What Makes It Awesome These lacy C-string wearable vibrating panties feature a built-in clitoral vibrator in the front panel. Surf 10 lively vibration modes from a gentle murmur to the intense buzz that sensually woo your clit. The convenient one-button control nestles right in your booty cleavage. Made of sturdy, flexible plastic for optimal fit…

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    Capella Vibrating clit cup


    What Makes It Awesome Capella takes care of your desires with gentle sucking and powerful vibration in 7 modes. The large silicone cup lined with soft ticklers cuddles your labia for intense sensations. The self-cleaning function can be used to clean the inside of the toy. Toy is USB rechargeable. A Closer Look Capella is…

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    Couple’s delight Dual vibrating bullets


    What Makes It Awesome Double your pleasure with two flexible vibrating bullets perfect for dual stim and couple’s play alike. Surf 12 powerful vibration modes with a handy control pack for a true rollercoaster of sensations. Made of premium, silky-smooth, body-safe silicone, the bullets are perfect for delightful body-friendly play. A Closer Look Double your…

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    Date night panty vibrator Panty vibrator


    What Makes It Awesome This exquisite wearable vibrator with a remote control lets you start the foreplay long before the bedroom, bringing the orgasms out of the box. The smart panty-friendly design of the Date Night Vibrator hits all the right hot spots, fitting ergonomically into your sensual folds. The partner can control her pleasure,…

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    Double pleasure Dual vibrating eggs


    What Makes It Awesome Two multi-function motors are adjusted via the convenient control panel. Use both eggs for in-n-stimulation and savor explosive blended orgasms. Surf the toy’s 20 powerful modes, from escalating and vibrating to pulsating. Body-safe smooth silicone provides an unmuffled vibration feel. A Closer Look The dual eggs will work tirelessly to give…

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    Duet Dual vibrating eggs


    What Makes It Awesome Level up your loving with these super versatile dual vibrating eggs. 2 mighty motors, one in each egg, offer an exciting abundance of playing options. Surf through 10 lively vibration modes with remote control. Compact size and whisper-quiet operation ensure discreet fun far from home. A Closer Look Reimagine your bedroom…

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    Eggo Tongue vibrator


    What Makes It Awesome This petite clitoral vibrator produces superbly lifelike licking motions. The hungry tongue flutters in 7 intense modes, moving like a real thing. Multi-purpose shape allows the toy to be used on both clit and nipples. Discreetly shaped, this toy fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Vibration power 4 |…

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    Flickering finger Textured finger massager


    What Makes It Awesome Reach deeper with your fingering endeavors while wearing this G-spot centered oral imitating finger vibrator. The soft silicone tongue delivers flickering licks to her clit. A powerful vibrator located at the tip reaches her deepest sensual areas. Powered by built-in USB rechargeable battery. A Closer Look A must-have in every girl’s…

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    Flower of love Clitoral vibrator


    What Makes It Awesome Tongue gyrates intensely while the flower-like cup channels throbbing vibrations. Enjoy 10 powerful modes of stimulation. Body-safe silicone feels soft to the touch. Waterproof construction allows for frisky aqua play. Vibration power 4 | 5. Strong and highly intense vibrations that stimulate powerfully. May be too intense for some. Noise Level 3…

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    Focus Flexible G-spot vibrator


    What Makes It Awesome This C-shaped vibrator bends to fit your curves for maximum pleasure. The powerful motor delivers powerful stimulation in 12 modes. Nubs and ridges along the shaft excite you with added sensations. Premium body-safe silicone feels amazing. A Closer Look Focus on your pleasure while this smart vibrator hugging your curves and…

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    Fondler Contoured clitoral massager


    What Makes It Awesome The unique shape with a motor in each arm creates a sensual twirl around your most sensitive spots, ravishing them with vibrations. Two powerful motors vibrate in 7 exquisite modes. Toy is waterproof to take your adventures to the bathtub or shower. Soft, body-friendly silicone covers the toy all over. Vibration…

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    Foreplay kisser Tongue vibrator


    What Makes It Awesome Charge up your pleasure with hungry licks of this lively and oh so powerful clit teaser made of super-soft silicone. Surf 12 licking settings with handy in-built controls. The 2 ultra-soft tongues flutter in sync to deliver all-around intensely satisfying caress. The waterproof, compact, and USB rechargeable toy will be your…

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    Illa Luxury G-spot vibrator


    What Makes It Awesome Indulge your lusty G-spot and clit with 10 juicy vibration modes and have a double orgasm. This vibrator is so quiet that no one will hear you enjoying its intense vibration. The unique shape with the handle allows for comfortable use solo or with a partner. Have fun in the shower,…

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    Kiso oral imitator Luxury clitoral vibrator


    What Makes It Awesome Indulge in oral sex imitation with the 7 mode sucking function. Ergonomic shape fits into the palm of your hand. Sensual, body-safe silicone is amazing to the touch. Toy is USB rechargeable for hours of play. Vibration power 3 | 5. Moderate vibration, perfect to use all over the body, average in…

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    LELO Enigma Dual action vibrator


    What Makes It Awesome Savor in-n-out clit stimulation with this unique dual vibrator offering a leg-shaking combo of oral simulation and G-spot massage. Innovative SENSONIC™ technology woos you with deeply penetrating sonic waves and pulsation feels designed to titillate the entire clitoris – both its visible and invisible parts. Surf 8 unique vibration modes, ranging…