How To Choose Anal Beads And how to use

Every time you pull out the string of your anal beads, you are going to feel a massive wave of arousal and delight take you to the edge of climax. You’ll love the feeling.

Ready to experience the exquisite pleasure that only this amazing toy delivers, are you?

Read this guide and learn the ins and outs of anal beads, from what kind of beads to use to when to use them.

What Are Anal Beads?

  1. T-shaped, ringed or flared base allows pulling out on the very edge of the clima
  2. A gradual increase in girth ensures safe and satisfying stretch
  3. Large spaces build-up arousal

Anal beads can range in size from small to large. Some come with bulbs that are uniform in size, while others have bulbs that increase in size along the length of the cord.

They are inserted slowly into the rectum and pulled out at various speeds before or during orgasm.

Using anal beads enhances pleasure for most bodies and for most partners. The intensity of pleasure can be increased by choosing a specific style of anal bead or choosing a different size of anal bead for each partner.

Anal beads are safe to use alone. If you want to use them during sex with a partner, you don’t need to use a ring.

Anal beads can be a great introduction to anal stimulation. If you’re new to it, using anal beads on your own can be a low-pressure way to ease yourself into it.

2.How to Try Anal Beads Safely

  • Take it slow. Relax and give your sphincter some time to readjust.
  • Apply lots of lube. Before you start playing, lubricate your bumhole and the toy. Make sure you use only water-based lube for silicone beads, otherwise the toy can be damaged.
  • Insert gently. Push the first and smallest bead inside. Once you get used to the sensation, insert the second bead. To make your session more straightforward, hold the beads with one hand while keeping your sphincter open with the second.
  • Pull them out. When all the beads are in the right place, wait for a bit to feel how they are rolling over inside massaging your hot spots and leading you to a finish. When you feel you are ready to climax, pull them out bead by bead on your own – or assign this sweet mission to the partner, and experience waves of explosive pleasure covering your body

Can Anal Beads Go Extra? Yes

vibrating anal beads

Vibrating anal beads provide a much more profound spur to the sensitive nerve endings in the butt, creating deep, rumbling sensations. One set of anal beads may have many vibration patterns and functions so that you could find your favorite path to ASSgasm.

Large anal beads

Huge anal beads of different materials can be a treat both for beginners and advanced users alike. Large spaces provide breaks between moments of stimulation, gradually building up your arousal.

Care and Cleaning

Cleaning anal beads after every session is a must. You should wash your anal beads right away so bacteria doesn’t linger. Use a mild antibacterial soap and hot water, and make sure to get every nook and cranny. You can also put your anal beads in the dishwasher.

Alternatively, you can soak your anal beads in a weak bleach solution of 1-to-9 parts bleach to water, leave the beads in the solution, and then wash them in hot water with gentle soap to ensure proper sanitization. It is also important to note that anal beads should not be a shared toy. It is best if you and your partner have your own set for proper cleanliness and dual pleasure.  

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