ePlay electro-stim controller E-stim control pack


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What Makes It Awesome

    1) Insert batteries in the control pack;
    2) Adjust STRENGTH dial all the way up to the MIN settings.
    3) Insert an attachment contact pins into the control pack;
    4) Affix the pads or insert attachment into the desired area. Lubricate the area to ensure connectivity;
    5) Press red POWER button, hold 1 sec until a red light goes on;
    6) Choose mode.
  • MODES:
    TAP mode: equally spaced tingles of the same level of strength;
    VIBRATION mode: Wave-like increase/decrease cycles of impulses of variable strength;
    MASSAGE mode: Intense, prolonged impulses and vibrations of the same intensity level.
    AUTO mode: pre programmed shuffle of the above modes.

    Select a mode by pressing the respective button; green light goes blinking when the mode is selected.

  • Start slowly adjusting STRENGTH dial to increase the impulse until you feel a tingling sensations. Find your comfortable level.
    Further adjust frequency and speed of the tingles by pressing and holding button SPEED.

A Closer Look

Discover how to have a hands-free orgasm with Eden electro-stim gear. It is compatible with all toys from the ePlay and Tingle collections and can be used with unipolar or bi-polar attachments.

How It Works

Functions: Electrical impulses / Multispeed / Vibrating

Powered By: Aaa-2

How It Feels

Material: Plastic

Safety features: Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free

How It Looks

Color: Black

How Big It Is

Length: 3 3/4″

Weight: 2 oz


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