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    Flower Glass butt plug


    What Makes It Awesome The smooth tempered glass is body-safe and requires less lubrication. Easily warms up or cools down for temperature play. The small size allows for beginner use. Can be sterilized by boiling or with 5% bleach or alcohol solution. A Closer Look Make your passion bloom with this flower-adorned glass butt plug….

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    Pink dream tail Beginner butt plug


    What Makes It Awesome This cute booty plug featuring an adorable pink faux fur bunny tail will put a twist on your bedroom fun. The small plug with a tapered tip is perfect for beginners. Gorgeous fluffy bunny tail will look extra-seductive between your perky cheeks. The plug is made of lavish, body-safe silicone for…

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    Spade Advanced butt plug


    Fills you up nicely